Camei 2020 performance management training and learning

In order to effectively strengthen the performance appraisal management of all employees of the company, and give full play to the guidance and incentives and restraints of performance appraisal, on July 28, the company organized the launch in the meeting room on the 3rd floor of the office building at No. 3 Yuanxiang Street, Jiangnan High-tech Industrial Park, Quanzhou City [2020 Performance Management Training and Learning], more than 20 middle and senior managers from Jiamei Stationery participated in this training.

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For this training, the company invited Mr. He Huan and Mr. Chen Ping from Beijing Changsong Group to give lectures. The lectures were conducted in the form of “teacher lecture and play in class”. In the classroom, the two teachers analyzed and explained the inadequate implementation of “big pot rice”, “egalitarianism”, and “not to be funny” in some companies.

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People are the biggest environmental factor for employees in an enterprise. They are good at guiding and motivating, and they can tap the huge energy hidden under the iceberg. Performing assessment through performance factors and summarizing the team’s crux in the data can improve the company’s team work ability to a higher level.

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Through the teacher’s narration, everyone discussed today’s experience and experience, and how to use it in the next work to improve the competitiveness and cohesion of the team, and promote the improvement of team work.

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Today, two teachers from Changsong Group are teaching patiently. At present, some companies have management problems, such as unreasonable salary structure and no good methods for performance appraisal. In the next step, the company will further improve the evaluation, incentive and restraint mechanism, strengthen the implementation and application of evaluation results, and continuously promote the improvement of the company’s internal management level to ensure the successful completion of the company’s goals.

Post time: Jul-29-2020

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