• Organ Handbag

    This portable organ bag, with its unique design and practical functions, has undoubtedly become a helpful document organizer for modern professionals.   First of all, the design of the organ bag makes it easy to sort and store files. There are 13 separate pockets inside the organ bag that ca...
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  • Doodle style pencil pouch

    In today’s STATIONERY market, the graffiti style pencil case of CAMEI STATIONERY CO., LTD has been loved by the majority of students and literary youth with its unique design and practical functions. This pencil case is mainly blue in color, using graffiti style design, the box face of the ...
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  • Leather makeup bag: The perfect combination of elegance and practicality

    In the fast-paced modern life, a makeup bag that is both elegant and practical is a must have for every woman. Today, I want to introduce to you is a leather makeup bag from CAMEI STATIONERY CO. Ltd, it is not only beautiful appearance design, but more importantly, excellent performance in storag...
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  • Leather Pen Case(5002)

    In today’s study and life, stationery has become an indispensable part of us. They not only help us record every important moment, but also show our personality and taste. Today, I would like to introduce to you a STATIONERY full of personalized design – the Pencil Case(5002) from CAM...
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  • Quilted Pencil Bag

    In the busy study and work, a practical and fashionable stationery pen bag is an indispensable good helper. Today, we will introduce a quilted pencil bag suitable for students and office staff.   This pencil case is made of high-quality quilted material, which feels soft and comfortable, but...
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  • Waterproof bike storage bag: a caring companion on the road

    Bicycle waterproof storage bag is an indispensable companion for every cycling enthusiast. It cleverly solves the problem of carrying and keeping items during the riding process, making the riding trip more relaxed and comfortable. This compact storage bag can be easily hung from the handlebars o...
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  • Rainbow Zipper Pencil Case

    Rainbow zipper pencil case, a stationery full of color and creativity. This pen bag is different from the traditional style, it is made of a series of zippers spliced together, each place is unique and delicate. The colors of the rainbow give it endless vitality, as if with a childlike joy, let p...
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  • Zongzi shape wallet: the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity

    Zongzi, a traditional food with a deep cultural heritage, is spent with us every year during the Dragon Boat Festival. Its unique shape, rich connotation, has been deeply loved by people. Today, we have cleverly integrated this classic shape into our daily life to bring you this unique zongzi sha...
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  • A Stylish Mesh Bag

    This three-hole mesh bag is made of PVC mesh that is resistant to abrasion, dirt and easy to clean. The front is also paired with a stylish astronaut pattern to make it even more stylish. This product has a compartmentalized storage function, which can be used for notebooks, pens and other items....
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  • Explore The Beauty Of Pen Bags

    In our daily life, pen case is one of the essential stationery. Not only do they provide us with a convenient container to store and carry writing instruments, but they also have many attractive designs and features. The PENCIL CASE (3940) of CAMEISTATIONERYCO. LTD is undoubtedly a subversion and...
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  • Colors And Letters In Life

    The pen bag, as a small object in our daily life, although insignificant, it carries many functions and meanings. They are not just tools for holding pens, but also vehicles for displaying personal style and preferences. In this article, we will focus on the different colors and letter patterns o...
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  • Net bag Pvc material change card bag – the perfect combination of practicality and fashion

    With the continuous development of science and technology, people’s demand for daily necessities is also constantly upgrading. Among them, the change card bag is an indispensable part of our daily life, and its design and material are also increasingly attracting people’s attention. T...
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