• Company fun team building activities

    Today’s team building activity touched the company’s leaders deeply. Everyone took the time and money to prepare a variety of homemade dishes from five in the morning. When everyone climbed to the top of the mountain to dine together and share their experiences, It feels like a family and helped ...
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  • Welcome President Xiong of Changsong Group to visit Camei to share with you

    Welcome President Xiong of Changsong Group Company to come to our company for empowerment sharing, aiming to improve employees’ positioning and analysis ability of their own value, so that employees can settle their current working status in their hearts, and can clearly understand how they...
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  • Shenzhen International Cross-border E-commerce Trading Expo

    At the beginning of September 2020, our company was invited to participate in the Shenzhen International Cross-border E-commerce Trade Fair. All products can be used on the Internet platform to bring consumers a convenient shopping mode. Our company also hopes to be an e-commerce business. Provid...
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  • Stick to epidemic prevention

      Throughout the epidemic, our company has been doing the work of adhering to epidemic prevention, regularly killing any corner of the factory to ensure that our employees have a safe environment and can work harder to produce better quality products. Let consumers have enough confidence in ...
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  • Product Quality Improvement Conference

    Today, our company held a meeting on improving product quality, aiming to make 100% of the quality of the products received by customers be high-quality and qualified products. The main focus is on the details of the two links of production and quality inspection. Ignore the importance of product...
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  • Staff fun activities

    Yesterday, our company held a fun activity for employees to improve the enthusiasm and cooperation ability of employees. Employees are the core of the company. Only when the core development of the company is put first, employees’ enthusiasm for work has improved and their cooperation abili...
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  • Camei 2020 performance management training and learning

    Camei 2020 performance management training and learning

    In order to effectively strengthen the performance appraisal management of all employees of the company, and give full play to the guidance and incentives and restraints of performance appraisal, on July 28, the company organized the launch in the meeting room on the 3rd floor of the office build...
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  • QuanZhou Camei

    QuanZhou Camei

    With the development of the COVID-19, the economy has slowdown. Under this situation, some enterprises suspend running, however, Camei not only guarantee the operation normally, but also concentrate on improving ourselves through researching and developing products and upgrading the internal mana...
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