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1.   About the inquiry
First of all, if you choose the products independently designed by our company, we can provide the most favorable price according to the product testing requirements and product quantity in your market.(From our website,catalog,the proposal from sale man,and so on)
Second, for customers to provide pictures/samples to inquire, we have special accounting personnel to accurately calculate the product quotation according to customer requirements. We have a very rigorous accounting and audit mechanism Quotation will be quoted on the same day.Like the picture below as.So,Please believe in our professional ability and responsible attitude

2.   About the sample
We have our own very professional design team and proofing, with two designers engaged in more than 10 years of product design experience, a template opening master, four product proofing.  We can have the finished product in as little as 24 hours.  And we can be customized for you, but also according to your drawings accurate proofing.  No matter what kind of print design you need, pattern design, style design.
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