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Sample order process:  Order - member material into system analysis - soursing according to quality requirement inquiry, purchase material , deliver material into warehouse (the quality inspection, testing) and at the same time to carry out the production - try cutting (mould) -- cut materials -- material control ingredients (part examines test size, specification, etc), production be producted, packed (product checking before, semi-finished products  Inspection, full inspection of finished products) -- product into the warehousing (sampling inspection by quality inspector) -- shipment

Detailed production process

Material arrived

According to the material is divided into main materials, auxiliary materials, packaging materials, warehousing to three different warehouses, each warehouse has a storekeeper responsible for management and control.  After all materials arrive at the warehouse, the quality inspector will do physical and chemical tests on the materials according to customer's requirements.  Includes color fastness test, salt spray test, shrinkage test, etc. The material can enter the warehouse only after passing the acceptance.


Cutting Material

We have two cutting workshops, one for cloth, the other for cardboard and other high precision materials.  All products will arrange cutting molds for trial production, according to the trial production of prenatal meetings.  The quality department and the production department discuss the best process method according to the trial run to avoid quality problems.  Trial production qualified, before the formal bulk material cut.


Production Material Control Department

All materials will arrive at the material control department before being sent to the workshop. The material controller will count the quantity of the material, and the quality controller will also check and check the size and quality of the material. After passing the inspection, the material will be sent to the workshop. Material controller releases materials according to production schedule.After the material arrives at the workshop, the workshop management personnel will also check and confirm the material.


Products Production

Before mass production, the workshop will produce bow samples for the customer's confirmation, and the production be arranged only after the customer's confirmation . After receiving the material, the workshop manager will distribute the material to the worker responsible for each process according to the production procedure. Each process will do the first piece confirmation, quality personnel and technical personnel confirm the first piece, the formal start of production. Each production line will have quality personnel for spot check and inspection of each process to avoid semi-finished products in production. The whole production line is assembly line operation. The packaging department is responsible for the packaging of finished products, and each package is equipped with a quality inspector for the full inspection of products.After the product packaging, will be sent to the finished product warehouse, warehouse keeper to count the quantity before warehousing.It is worth noting that we have three production workshops, a high frequency workshop, a sewing workshop, a glue product workshop, the operation process is the same.

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Finished products into the warehouse

The finished products are transported to the warehouse by the workshop staff, and the warehouse keeper counts the quantity. After warehousing, the finished product inspector will spot check the products according to AQL.At the same time of making the product report, mark the product, distinguish the qualified and unqualified products, the unqualified products will be sent back to the workshop for rework. Shipment can only be arranged after receiving the qualified product report from the quality inspector.

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