Zongzi shape wallet: the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity

Zongzi, a traditional food with a deep cultural heritage, is spent with us every year during the Dragon Boat Festival. Its unique shape, rich connotation, has been deeply loved by people. Today, we have cleverly integrated this classic shape into our daily life to bring you this unique zongzi shape coin purse.

Inspired by zongzi, the shape and lines of this coin wallet have been carefully designed to perfectly restore the shape of zongzi. On the appearance, you can clearly see the edges and corners of the dumplings, as if a delicate art. In terms of materials, we have chosen high-quality environmentally friendly fabrics that are comfortable to the touch but also very durable. The interior design is also quite user-friendly, allowing for small change and small cards. In addition, it is equipped with a zipper for easy access to important tickets or cards.

In terms of color, we offer a variety of options to meet the needs of different consumers. You can choose a classic pink, a fashionable blue-purple or a fresh beige to suit your preferences. Each color has been carefully blended to match the traditional look of zongzi and have a modern feel.

This zongzi shape purse is not only a necessary product for your daily travel, but also an excellent choice for you to show your personality and taste. Whether you give it to a friend or use it yourself, it can make you feel a unique charm in an ordinary life.

In general, this zongzi shape purse inherits the essence of traditional culture and integrates the concept of modern design. It is both practical and ornamental, and is an indispensable part of your life. Get it now and make your day fashionable and vibrant!微信图片_20240119164248




Post time: Jan-19-2024

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